About 4X Global Research

4X Global Research is a London-based consultancy providing institutional and corporate clients with focused, actionable, independent and connected research on Emerging and G20 fixed income markets and economies. Its subscription-based service is designed to be exclusive and the basis of a long-term partnership with its clients.


Flagship Report

The Fixed Income Research and Macro Strategy (FIRMS) publication is a comprehensive, incisive and opportune 7-10 page bi-weekly report covering investment topics most relevant to subsequent portfolio and investment returns.


Bespoke Client Services

4X Global Research offers clients a range of specialised and personalised consultancy services, including overnight commentary, tailor-made research, regular conference calls, meetings and presentations.


To enquire about a subscription to 4X Global Research or other client services (professional investors only) or for any other general queries, please visit www.4XGlobalResearch.com.